A New Wave Hits Prahran

I love brunch…there is no better way to spend the weekend and I always love checking out new cafes around the area. So when I was invited to come and try a brand new cafe it was an offer too good to refuse. Third Wave Cafe in Prahran has been open almost eight weeks and offers an extensive menu with some interesting breakfast options including Middle Eastern baked eggs and some Russian favourites, as well as a comprehensive lunch menu.

Third Wave is tucked away in a side street of Prahran and to the untrained eye could easily be missed. Walking inside the feeling was warm and welcoming. The fit-out is light and bright with pops of yellow and the staff are friendly and attentive. I did not have to wait idly for a table, which was such a refreshing and welcome change from the many hipster venues in the area suffering from the ‘Broadsheet popularity effect’. The chef Ryo Kitahara has been trained by Iron Chef Sakai and you can see the pride he takes in each dish. It is easy to have a conversation with the soundtrack of classic 90s hits adding a nice ambience to the surroundings. Suitably impressed, we take a seat towards the back near the vertical greenery wall and start by ordering a coffee. Third Wave is passionate about their coffee which comes from the guys at Five Senses. My latte was excellent, creamy and hot without any trace of bitterness.

Third Wave Cafe

The light bright interior of Third Wave

Greenery wall with bench seating underneath

Comfortable bench seating beneath the greenery wall

Latte from Five Senses

Creamy hot latte

With so much to choose from I finally decided to try the scrambled eggs on ciabatta with the addition of honey roasted tomatoes and smashed avocado with lemon, basil and mint. My dining companion decided to try the Eggs Florentine and Benedict fusion- great for those who love both their bacon and spinach. Soon enough I am gazing hungrily over my buttery lightly toasted ciabatta with slow roasted honey soaked tomatoes, smashed avocado and some of the fluffiest scrambled eggs I have ever come across. The menu does not lie; these are seriously good. Must be the combination of four eggs, butter and creme fraiche. As for the accompaniments, I don’t think I will be able to look at tomatoes the same again! Cannot believe I have never thought to roast them in honey…super sweet and the perfect foil for the tangy avocado. The basil, lemon and mint combination made a nice change from the usual feta. The Florentine and Benedict fusion is also very tasty, with perfectly poached eggs cascading their yolk through lashings of hollandaise sauce, perfectly sauteed spinach and crisp bacon.

Scrambled eggs on ciabatta with honey roasted tomatoes and lemon, mint and basil avocado

Scrambled eggs on ciabatta with honey roasted tomatoes and lemon, mint and basil avocado

Eggs Benedict and Florentine with lashings of hollandaise sauce, spinach and bacon

Eggs Benedict and Florentine with lashings of hollandaise sauce, spinach and bacon

With meals and service this good I will definitely be back and I highly recommend you check out Third Wave for yourself. The pulled pork sliders are already calling my name.

Third Wave Cafe

30 Cato St

Prahran VIC 3181

(03) 9510 2991

Third Wave on Urbanspoon

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